Great Ocean Road in 10 hours

Meeting my new Au Pair family in July, I was lucky enough to be whisked away to Melbourne to accompany them on a family holiday that same week. It was here I had a choice. One full day free in Melbourne to do any day trip I wanted… admittedly a tough call. Once again, Google became my best friend, and I found a group tour that would take me from Melbourne down to the 12 Apostles. If you do a bit of light research online prices should be around 50 GBP, I also opted for the sunset tour. This is something I’d really recommend as it’s meant to be a bit quieter than alternative day tours and the views are I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E! Looking over the 12 Apostles whilst the sun dropped down behind them was breath taking and I’d argue to be worth the later return time.

Sunset over the Apostles

In our tour, we had multiple stop off points which included the Koala Café where I saw my first ever koala. To the left of the café is a dirt track lined with eucalyptus trees and dotted with tons of the adorable animals. I was actually surprised at how inactive the koalas were – despite being told that they sleep 20 hours a day! Although I spotted one eating, I can assure you that this fact is probably true as the rest were dreaming away. On top of this the number of kangaroos and wallabies we saw genuinely made my day…

Driving along the ‘surfing section’ of the Great Ocean Road meant seeing (in my opinion) insane surfers tackling the biggest of waves – a great experience if, like me, this isn’t as common in your home country. The beaches were all gorgeous and honestly the only downside of the tour was that we couldn’t get out and explore when we wanted to. The whole tour was around 10 hours, so whilst you could drive it yourself with a rented car, it would be a long drive and there is the possibility the added stress could detract from your experience. At 18 I am unable to rent a car despite holding my full license and as I was travelling alone the group tour was an easier way for me to experience the road.

One of our final stops was at the site of where two survivors from a shipwreck washed up – a teenage boy and girl. They took shelter in the caves by the beach and before seeking refuge from the locals, this was over a century ago but is still a popular story in the area. There is lots of information on their story at the climb down to the beach. Additionally, at this stop, there are fantastic viewpoints of the cliffs and coastline which make for some nice pictures. The final stop was of course the 12 Apostles! Whilst there are not actually 12 Apostles (I believe there are only 7), the 15-minute walk from the car pack to the viewpoints are 100% worth the views. For a slightly longer walk you can access the beach via a flight of stairs which with less time restrictions I would have definitely done. The pictures I snapped barely capture the beauty of the place but probably offer the most insight as to why this should be your day trip of choice. All I can say is go see for yourself😊

Looking over the beach

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