New South Wales: Worimi Conservation Lands

A 2.5-hour drive from Sydney, Nelson Bay and it’s surrounding areas offer a haven for those looking to break away from the bustle of the city and get back to nature. Worimi Conservation Lands are made up of extensive sand dunes – protected as aboriginal owned. Located off of Stockton Beach, parking and driving in the area is restricted and requires a pass which can be purchased online. To overcome this, I parked for free at Buribi Point. Here is a prime spot for whale watching in migration seasons too so keep your eyes peeled! I then walked along a 5-minute trail which led me first to Stockton Beach. From here you could access the sand dunes without restrictions and explore to your hearts content – with the bonus of a 15-minute gorgeous beach walk! Fishing is popular at Stockton beach and it is dog friendly so has enough people to walk comfortably alone. The dunes offer great photo opportunities and I honestly felt I was back in Morocco as opposed to in Australia.

Sand dunes – some ranging up to 40m above sea level

At Stockton Bight Sand dunes, there are plenty of activities offered – including quad biking and sandboarding. There are even options which offer an Aboriginal Cultural tour whilst on quad bikes! If you are looking for an even more Moroccan twist on experiencing Australia, tours are also offered on camels. For the equestrians out there, exploration of the dunes can additionally be done on horseback with Sahara Trails. Further details on booking these experiences can be found on the official Worimi Conservation Land website, although check out Groupon for discounts on activities as they are frequently available for a fraction of the usual price. The official website holds further details of walking trails too – including a forest walk which I would recommend as a pleasant short walk. It definitely makes for a diverse day out!

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