Budget travel: Berlin

Berlin is a large, metropolitan city rich in culture and history. Although the city is spread out, there is an extensive public transport system which is easy to navigate – especially with the aid of Google Maps! Discounts can easily be obtained through passes such as Berlin Welcome Card and Berlin Pass, but if you are looking for completely cost free attractions in Berlin this is the post for you.


The Berlin Wall – the concrete barrier which used to split Germany is now decorated with art. The art is immensely thought provoking and conveys a sense of freedom of speech around political and humanitarian issues. You can purchase tours and guides to visit the wall, however, we self-navigated and enjoyed looking at the art at our own pace. Therefore, the Wall is essentially a cost-free attraction.

East Side Gallery


The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe – Whilst Berlin offers plenty of positive history it is also plagued with darker events such as the persecution of the Jewish population in World War Two. The memorial contains a collection of grey stone blocks representing those that lost their lives. What is unique is that it is built on uneven and sloping ground, so the height of the blocks differs drastically. The effect of this is eerie and solemn – a free attraction that needs to be visited.

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe


The Reichstag – The current home of the German Parliament is both an architectural and historical attraction and whilst tours of its interior do cost, views of the exterior are impressive and free. In summer, packing a picnic and sitting on the grass facing The Reichstag’s grand façade is a perfect way to unwind and take in some of Germany’s architecture.

The Reichstag


Street Festivals – If your visit in lucky enough to coincide with a festival you should 100% head down to check it out. Whilst we visited, Christopher Street Day was on as part of The Berlin Pride Celebration. There was a parade, festival, music and lots of partying to celebrate – I would highly recommend attending if you are looking for a fun day out.

Those were my four favourite free things to do in Berlin, feel free to suggest any others that should make a visitor’s list in the comments below:)

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