4 Most Beautiful Places in Italy

Being fortunate enough to have friends throughout Italy, it is a country that I have grown to know and love from a young age. It was in Italy that my family had our first road trip – covering the majority of the country from north to south. There is no question that Italy is filled with beauty and there are endless places to visit that need to be ticked off every traveller’s bucket list. However, I have attempted to be strict with myself and have limited the ‘most beautiful places’ I have seen in Italy to four personal favourites. Feel free to comment any of your favourites below!


Cinque Terre

The tiny colourful villages dotted at the base of the mountainous coastline are most easily accessed by boat. This is something offered as a day trip for those wanting to grab the photos made famous by Instagram. For the steel nerved among you, you may want to tackle Cinque Terre via self drive. Be warned the roads are winding and narrow with limited railings sheer drops. Landslides are commonplace and our self drive excursion was cut short due to this! However, this route does offer amazing views and a bit more adventure for those less keen for a day on the sea.

View down from the roadside


The Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast is renowned for its beauty and is a celebrity hot spot for extravagant holidays. In short, a trip to the Amalfi Coast will leave you with no questions why. Although Amalfi is what gave the coast it’s name, I would highly recommend Positano for a visit. It boasts the largest beach on the coast (Spiagga Grande) which is popular among the rich and famous. Shopping and dining here is second to none.



Verona is home to some of the most beautiful cultural aspects of Italy, whilst also being in perfect proximity to the mountainous regions of the North. The smaller villages high up in the hills are less than an hour’s drive and are popular amongst locals escaping the summer heat of the city. Verona is an ideal place to use as a base to visit the more relaxed style of Italian living and the breath taking scenery makes the mountains a recommended addition to any Italian bucket list. In Verona itself, Juliet’s balcony holds a different kind of beauty. Due to the household story of Romeo and Juliet, the place is popular among a variety of tourists – especially couples. The city is additionally famous for Operas which can watched in the Verona Arena. A visit to Verona is sure to open your eyes to both the beauty of Italian landscapes and culture.



Venice may seem like an obvious choice on this list, however, it does not place without some controversy. I loved the ‘city on water’, photogenic bridges and Piazza San Marco; some friends and family did not rate Venice as highly. Venice’s negative reputation can be that it is overcrowded and too touristy. I guess the city is like marmite – you love it or hate it. A trip to Italy would not be complete without a visit though and I will leave you to make your own mind up. If avoiding the crowds is important to you, I’d recommend visiting in the off season or researching quieter times at attractions

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