Sydney: Bicentennial Park to Darling Harbour

With the spring sun shining and a slight headache from the previous night in Newtown, a city walk was the ideal way to start my day. Having already explored much of Sydney’s centre, I opted to start my stroll slightly further out – Bicentennial Park. The park is filled with dog walkers and runners which meant I felt comfortable walking on my own. Located on the south-west shore of Rozelle Bay, the winding path treats you to views over the water and moored boats. Sydney Superyacht Marina is visible on the far shore and the area is additionally popular for fishing, making pleasant viewing.

Start at Bicentennial Park

Following the shore path, you will come to the Blackwattle Bay Park section of the trail. This park has a playground and picnic/BBQ facilities which makes it popular with families and creates a friendly atmosphere. The best part about this section of the walk, however, is undoubtedly the view of Sydney CBD Skyline and the Anzac Bridge. This was completely unexpected and a bonus of the walk for me, but I would now highly recommend this route simply for an alternative and gorgeous view of Sydney’s cityscape.

Views of the CBD and Anzac Bridge

Continuing towards the CBD, I spent a ridiculously huge proportion of the time taking pictures. The views honestly seem to get more and more impressive as you get closer! This section of the Glebe Foreshore Park should take you less than 45 minutes – it is simple to follow with regular signposts and keeping to the same shore side path. As you reach the end of the route, there is also the option to continue on to Sydney Fish Market for a bite to eat or Darling Harbour. For either, take a left at Bridge Road and continue straight. In only a few hundred metres, you will reach Sydney Fish Market on your left.

Sydney Fish Market contains many different stalls and dining experiences, offering outside seating with the company of some very brave seagulls. If you have yet to sample Australian seafood, it is an awesome place to do this and take a break after a walk. There are Cooking Experiences on offer, for those interested, which can be booked online in advance. With an assortment of restaurants, cafes, gift shops and fishing supply outlets; Sydney Fish Market is an attraction in its own right.

Exterior of the Market

To reach Darling Harbour, simply continue past the Fish Market and cross straight over the pedestrian crossings at the A4 to stay on Bridge Road. This will merge to the right into Union Street after approximately 5 minutes walking, at this point you should see Pyrmont Bridge straight ahead and the Australian National Maritime Museum to your left. From here, there is multiple options such as: crossing the bridge to visit Madame Tussauds or the Sea Life Aquarium, catching a bus back into the city centre, grabbing a drink or simply taking in the sights.

Pyrmont Bridge

This walk is an incredible way to get off the beaten track of Central Sydney whilst also incorporating both local cuisine and a more famous attraction. Entirely flat and well paved, it is suitable for all ages and fitness levels – in addition to those with limited mobility. I spent just over 2 hours on this route; including eating at the market and sightseeing around Darling Harbour. However, this could be easily broken up to stagger any strenuous aspects for little legs. The playgrounds and picnic areas en-route would make this highly adaptable for a family day out. Low cost and easily accessed, I found it an excellent way to explore Sydney.

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