An elaborate network of interconnecting tunnels used by Viet Cong Soldiers during the Vietnam War; the Cu Chi Tunnels are a symbol of the ingenuity and resilience of the Vietnamese people. The Tunnels facilitated the use of guerrilla tactics in fighting, whilst also growing to house entire underground villages – complete with hospitals, kitchens and […]

The drizzle of constant rain and damp mist clings to the streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Under roofs of tarpaulin, locals huddle with bowls of pho on tiny blue and red plastic chairs. The steady buzz of scooters and motorbikes blends with the odd indignant beep of a car horn.  Our sanctuary from the elements […]

A child of Instagram’s travel influencers, ‘Train Street’ in Hanoi is rapidly rising to fame as a quirky tourist attraction. Nestled deep within Hanoi’s Old Quarter, the narrow street is flanked by cafes and houses but essentially is just a train track. Children play ball over the sleepers, dogs wander contently and locals just go […]

Polluted, hectic and seedy. Thailand’s sprawling capital has been the marmite of cities in travellers conversations for decades. An assault on senses you didn’t even realise you possessed, it’s streets are filled with delicious markets and cheap bars. Combined with the flurry of attractions and activities, it’s nightlife is perhaps the most renowned in the […]

Phi Phi Islands, the postcard destination conjured to mind when anybody utters the word Thailand. Home to Maya Bay (the setting of the Leonardo Di Caprio film ‘The Beach’), monkeys galore and never-ending cocktails at rustic beachfront bars – it is easy to understand why the islands attracted up to 5000 visitors a day. To […]

Too often overlooked as a mere gateway to Asia, Kuala Lumpur is anything but a stopover on a flight itinerary. Possibly one of the most liveable cities I have been graced with visiting, it offers gorgeous architecture and a wealth of culture to absorb. The mix of Islamic and Hindu influence has created a multicultural […]

My initial impression of Brisbane was admittedly poor. The CBD itself was busy enough and it was nowhere near as sleepy as I had found Canberra, however, the city just seemed to be missing something. Although perhaps I set my expectations too high after 7 months in flamboyant Sydney and having already been charmed by […]

Taronga Zoo has been the attraction recommended to me in every conversation I have had since stepping foot in Sydney. Perhaps this is why I waited 6 months before actually visiting, fearing an average experience and excellent tourist trap. Perhaps you too are weighing up a visit with the same thought in mind – are […]

One of the most famed annual events in Sydney, ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ transforms the 2km coastal path between Bondi and Tamarama into a scenic display of over a hundred sculptures. Whilst the Bondi to Coogee walk is an attraction in its own right, crowds flock to make their way along the route during the […]