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The controversial capital of Australia, Canberra is situated a 3 hours bus ride inland from Sydney. In terms of travel time, Canberra is an admittedly ambitious day trip – we set off from Sydney Central Station at 7:00am and arrived back at 7:30pm. We used the company Murrays, who charged $46 for a return trip. […]

A bustling and modern hub, Sydney is renowned as one of the most iconic cities in the world. Unfortunately this comes at a price, as cost of living is also ranked as one of the highest worldwide. This can make exploring the city on a budget seem daunting and frustrating. Having initially struggled with this […]

Two stops away on a ferry from Circular Quay, lays the abandoned ex-convict penal establishment of Cockatoo Island. What was once a place of forced labour and large-scale transportation is now a UNESCO World Heritage site and a popular attraction amongst tourists. Close to the heart of Sydney CBD, Cockatoo Island is a fantastic way […]

A trip to the Blue Mountains is an experience on every Sydney tourists to do list. Many trips are offered as private or group tours online for costs upwards of around 50 GBP, however, I opted to self-drive with a friend. The advantage of this was more freedom to choose our own itinerary and also […]

With the spring sun shining and a slight headache from the previous night in Newtown, a city walk was the ideal way to start my day. Having already explored much of Sydney’s centre, I opted to start my stroll slightly further out – Bicentennial Park. The park is filled with dog walkers and runners which […]

GCSEs done. Summer beginning. I had nearly 3 glorious months stretching out in front of me. Having saved for the past year waitressing and looking after horses, I practically bounced onto the plane that was to take me on my first volunteering trip abroad. Frontier had interviewed me and sent me my T shirt months […]

An ideal weekend escape, Edinburgh boasts a gorgeous cobbled Old Town and hub of activities and culture. Home to the famous Edinburgh Festival, the city has a wealth of museums and galleries – so there is plenty to fill your visit with. Below I have included some of my favourite attractions and places to see […]

Working as an au-pair is what many consider a rite of passage amongst millennials. Living with a family in a foreign country and looking after their children seems like a suitably big enough step from babysitting as a young teen. Learning a language or experiencing a new culture in a distant land is completely alluring […]

A six-kilometre coastal walk in the Eastern Suburbs, the Coogee to Bondi Coastal walk takes you along the winding cliff tops between some of Sydney’s finest beaches. Whilst most of the route is easy going, some sections do have steps which makes these parts unsuitable for those with limited mobility. All in all, it should […]

Dublin is one of my favourite cities in the world. The atmosphere is electric, the locals are the friendliest and the whole city is teeming with culture. Flights are short enough from the UK to escape to the Irish capital for a weekend or even an ambitious day trip. The following attractions and activities are […]